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Mama's Affair Good Morning, Eve! Adam-ondi-Ahman Tomb of Eve. Demon: The Fallen Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Only man builds relationships. So God created man in His image with self-consciousness, personality, rationality, intelligence, creativity, relationships and gave him sovereignty over the entire created world and all its vast resources so that man could bring up out of this rich, rich planet immense demonstrations of his marvelous abilities, rationality and creatively and relationally.

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Now with the creation of man on day six, the real story began. All the rest of creation was only a stage for man to play out the great drama of redemption. The real story began on day six. All the other creation just provided the backdrop for the history of man.

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Now, the history of man starts in chapter two, verse four and goes to the end of the Book of Genesis. That's the original history of man, from chapter two, verse four to chapter 50, verse 26 is the original history of man, the first great sweep of human history. So what you have in chapter one, verse one to chapter two, verse three is the creation of the universe, including man, starting in chapter two, verse four, to the end of Genesis, in fact, to the end of time is the history of man, the generations of man.

So as you come to verse four, in Genesis 2, you come to a very important verse. Here is a line of demarcation in the Hebrew text. This inaugurates a completely new section. This the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created in the day that the Lord God made earth and heaven. Literally, in Hebrew, says, "These are the generations.

The Creation of Man | vbm haretzion

These are the generations of the heavens and earth when they were created. Here is the beginning of the story of the generations of mankind. So the Genesis points forward. It is not a second account of creation, as critics have said.

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The second and conflicting account, some of them. It is not an account of creation, chapter two, opposed to the account of creation in chapter two. Not at all. There's only one record of creation, that's Genesis 1. Genesis 2 does not deal with anything during the week of creation, except what pertains to the story of man.

That's a very, very important understanding. All you have, in chapter two, is focused on man. Genesis 1 briefly introduced the fact of man's creation.

The Creation of Man and Woman

Genesis 2 explains the details of that creation. So what you have in very traditional, typical Hebrew style, much like the headlines in the newspaper. Genesis 1 says man is created in God's image, and hibon dominion. Genesis 2 is the article that describes all the details under that headline. Genesis 2 does not repeat day one, day two, day three, day four or day five. Genesis 2 does not deal with the elements of the creation of light or the creation of the sky or the creation of the earth or the separation of land and water or the creation of plants or the creation of animals.

Genesis 2 only deals with man, so that when you come to chapter two, man is plucked up, as it were, out of that whole creation of chapter one and he's put on center stage as the drama of redemption unfolds with the rest of creation as the backdrop. So that man becomes, starting in chapter two, verse four, the subject of the rest of Genesis and the rest of the Bible all the way to the end in the Book of Revelation.

So I want you to mark that in your mind, Genesis launches a whole new section, the details of man's creation by God on day six. Details are explained in chapter two. Now the question could be asked, how did Moses obtain this information?

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Well, he wasn't there. It is the account of the creation, the details of the creation of man that is very different from pagan myths and pagan legends and pagan fictions. Where did Moses get this? Well, he didn't get it from any human source, for no one existed to witness it. He didn't get it from his own reason, for no reason can know the power of a Creator.

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  • Lesson 6 – The Creation of Man.

Reason cannot know how He created. So the only possible way that Moses, who wrote this, could know this was if God revealed the data to him and therefore, He must have done that. This isn't the product of some human reason. This can't be the product of some ancient Hebrew search.

No one was there. No one could know it. The only way we had any record of creation is if the Creator gave it to us and this is that record given by the Creator. So what we're going to find in chapter two is the details of the creation of man. We're going to find the creation of man, the location of man in the Garden of Eden. We're going to find the location of man, what he was doing. We're going to find the probation of man, what he was not to do and we're going to find the relation of man when God gave him woman.

Now all that is summed up in chapter one when it says, in verse 27, "God created man in His own image and He created him male and female. This is simply using day as a reference to the time period and day can mean an undetermined period of time, an undesignated period of time when there is no number associated with it but wherever, in the Old Testament, day has a number, like day one, day two, day three, it refers always to a hour day.

Here, no number and so it is simply a general reference to the period of time which actually was six days in which God created the universe. But now we come to that sixth day and although on the sixth day, God created animals as well, land animals, that is not dealt with in chapter two because this is the tolodoth of generations of man on the earth.

Let's begin with the creation of man in verses five to seven. Verse five--and we're going to get the scene.