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Strait of Bonifacio

Legend has it the staircase was built by the King of Aragon's guards in one night during the failed siege of Bonifacio in , though it's most likely to have been constructed by residents to collect fresh water from a spring. This is a killer path, especially the climb back, so it's best to avoid tackling it throughout the hottest hours of the day.

Once at the bottom, you can refresh with a nice dive into the turquoise waters.

Then there's the chemin de ronde, which runs inside the fortified walls surrounding the citadel and is a great place to escape the scorching sun. The walkway leads to the sailors' graveyard Cimetiere Marin , with its stunning views of the strait. From the tiny chapel of St.

Roch, a narrow stair descends to the equally tiny pebble beach of Sutta Rocca facing the Grain de Sable, huge lump of fallen rock face which local youngsters love to dive from. It's also a great snorkeling spot thanks to the blue and red starfish swimming a few feet from the shore. But the best way to explore the "Citadel of Cliffs" is by sea. Here you'll likely find yourself staring into the eyes of 50 kilogram heavy marine giants as friendly barracudas swirl around.

Bonifacio is also in close proximity to many of Corsica's top beaches, which are far more remote than those of neighboring Sardinia.

With its strong winds, Piantarella beach, renowned for its majestic lagoon, is a paradise for wind surfers. Visitors can also rent kayaks and paddle boards to explore its sparkling waters. Then there's the crescent moon-shaped Rondinara beach, which has a fabulous tropical vibe, while scenic Palombaggia stands out thanks to the pine trees that jut out into the sea.

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Guided quad and jet ski tours can be taken into the wilderness around Bonifacio, all the way to the tip of Sperone. Ranch San Diego organizes three-day horseback adventures across dunes and the rosemary-scented maquis plants, where travelers camp at night time and cook their meals over a fire.

Connectivity patterns of coastal fishes following different dispersal scenarios across a transboundary marine protected area Bonifacio strait, NW Mediterranean. Estuarine Coastal And Shelf Science , , Based on the hypothesis that no-take zones will produce more fish larvae, compared to adjacent fished areas, we modeled the outcome of larvae released by coastal fishes inside the no-take zones of the MPA in order to: i characterize the dispersal patterns across the Strait of Bonifacio; ii identify the main potential settlement areas; iii quantify the connectivity and the larval supply from the MPAs to the surrounding areas.

Imray Chart M7 - Bonifacio Strait | Bookharbour

The strengthening of cooperation shall also help to create tools for scientific knowledge regarding fishery resources. Moreover, the establishment of the EGTC should help to lay weight on the local concerns to the international scene. The primary objective of the new EGTC is the development of a plan for joint actions for scientific monitoring and the implementation of a common model for the use of renewable energies for the international maritime parc of Bonifacio Sardinia and its scientific basis Corsica. The EGTC promotes protection, management and joint promotion of natural and cultural resources of Bonifacio Strait in order to implement a joint policy regarding sustainable development.