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The GOP also lost a state House of Representatives race in , making the four-member Greenwich delegation to Hartford evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, another first. And this year, the GOP let it be known, through two op-ed essays, that Trump is irrelevant to the local campaign and they will not let the Democrats tag them with the Trump label. Greenwich has almost always been a one-party town in municipal elections.

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But Trump changed all that the day he rode the Trump Tower escalator to a press conference at which he announced his candidacy, making shocking claims about immigration, bad hombres, his fellow Republicans, and otherwise trashing presidential campaigning and behavioral norms. The big unknown in the upcoming municipal election is whether the disgust with all things Trump will overwhelm a focus on purely local issues this election cycle, and whether the Democrats have the campaign chops to wrest control of the race. But we should get an answer about the local campaign in the next week or so, and it will come from watching how the Democrats react to the Republican gambit with the BET investigation.

At first glance, putting the Democrats under a cloud of suspicion seems smart campaigning by the GOP.

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It has put the Democrats on the defensive. There is nothing new here. That the GOP cares more about releasing its findings in less than a month, when the exact subject of their desired investigation has not even been defined, is pure campaign theater. Hand it to the Republicans, they have learned well the lessons Trump has taught them and they are dominating the campaign with the election just seven weeks away.

Instead of being focused on the arch-conservative, anti-abortion voting record of the Republican First Selectman candidate, state Rep. Fred Camillo, the Democrats are in react-mode.

I am not sure the Democrats have it in them to conduct an aggressive, critical campaign. Jill Oberlander, the Democratic first selectman candidate and current BET chair, cannot seem to distinguish between leading a political campaign and running the BET. Campaigns are partisan by definition.

Her response to the GOP request for an investigation was to defer to the town attorney, and rue that the Republican move might threaten the bi-partisan nature of town politics. Greenwich has never been bi-partisan.

'Grown-ish' 2x20 Review: "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" -

The GOP tolerates Democrats, as long as they know their place. If that isn't possible, the second reaction is to protect your head from hitting the ground.

When your body sustains an injury, the swelling and tissue damage disrupt the sensors, and balance is impaired. Even after the swelling and pain of an ankle sprain are gone, the sensors in your body may be impaired. Training proprioceptive sensors after an injury will help decrease the risk of further injury and prevent the next ankle sprain. Balance is a skill, much like free throws, handstands or juggling.

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Just like any other skill, you can improve your balance by practicing it. In rehabilitation, proprioception is trained by strengthening the muscles surrounding the ankle, and by working the ankle's sensors. If you have sprained your ankle, and there is some pain and swelling, use the concepts of PRICE for weeks until the swelling has gone, and you have no pain at rest.

Then you are ready to try some of the following exercises, which are in order of difficulty. Do not move on to the next exercise before you can successfully perform the first one. Increasing proprioception will not only help an athlete get into the game, and stay in the game, but it can also help with performance.

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Ankle injuries may seem like a minor problem, especially if it is a mild sprain. However, if that sprain is not properly treated, it can happen again and again.

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That is why it is important to allow the injury to fully heal, before trying to continue playing. PRICE can aid in healing quicker, but strength and balance will aid in making sure your ankle does not continue to play tricks on you. Consult your primary care physician for more serious injuries that do not respond to basic first aid.