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Briefly, I began to grow nervous about someone walking in we were in a tent, after all. Which was lucky, as it turned out, because another massage therapist walked in right afterwards.

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Then it was all business. He used the towel to wipe oil from my body efficiently, while I lay blushing and giggling with my eyes closed. He turned, allowing me to dress, as if it had just been an ordinary massage. He asked my name, and told me to come again the next day. That was until it dawned on me she probably knew exactly what was going on, and likely peeked through the tent to see when I was done. The thought made me feel sick with embarrassment. Then the doubts began to creep in. Had I exploited him?

There are a lot of male sex workers in Cuba, so I had to wonder if he was one. Slowly, I grew uncomfortable with how expert he was. This was a practised move, clearly something he did often, and did well.

'Happy Endings': The 5 Most A-mah-zing Episodes From Season 1

Did he think he had to perform this for monetary purposes? Whether by experience or coercion, did he think it was his job to offer?

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Just look at the blurred lines between the sex trade and massage industry of Southeast Asia. Many of those women are victims of human trafficking, sold into the sex trade as slaves — sometimes underage — or were drawn into the industry by the twin demons of poverty and opportunity. Had he exploited me? Was I a victim of assault? My mind and body were saying yes all the way through, but I never consented verbally. What right did he think he had to touch me like this in a professional setting?

Was I a bad feminist?

Happy Endings - The popcorn prank

I was more than a little confused. I told my best friends in confidence, but was embarrassed. They were supportive, but shocked. It was easier when he was just a disembodied hand in my fantasy.

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They recommended I take some time to sit with the feelings of being in both of those positions, and getting support if I found that difficult. But as the professional in the encounter - and a man - he was certainly in a position of power over you. But in future, I would strongly suggest insisting on a more upfront conversation, and stopping things, if you can, if any part of you was feeling as unsure or nervous.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. A hands-on experience, certainly. Type keyword s to search. Now, finally, we have an answer. According to Godwin, the "great idea" would have come in three stages. First, the coach would have to be stabilised by breaking the windows that overlooked the precipice.

Then the fuel tank at the rear of the vehicle would have to be emptied by running the engine. And finally, a gang member would be allowed out of the coach in order to stabilise the front end with rocks. It's more than 20 years since I saw the film — I remember thinking there must be some way of getting that gold off the bus.

He added: "I always had an idea of how they might solve this, so when the Royal Society of Chemistry put this out to the public as a competition it seemed like the ideal opportunity to see if it would really work or to see if it was hot air. In the interests of accuracy, it should be noted that Godwin's idea bears a passing resemblance to the solution offered some years ago by the film's star.

Hey Shanghai, Have a Happy Ending at This Sexy Donut Pop-Up

In a documentary for the BBC, Michael Caine explained how the gang could have made their escape. We all jump out and the gold goes over the cliff. Caine's idea is flawed in only one respect, in that it saves the gang but dumps the gold. By contrast, Godwin's more complicated, nuanced approach ensures that the bank robbers are able to escape the coach while still keeping the loot — an ingenious plan that won him the prize of a three-night stay in Turin.

Now that's what we call a happy ending.