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What Should I Do If My Child Has an Imaginary Friend?
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The examples of invisible friends ranged from adorable to hilarious! Thanks for commenting. What about kids who never had an imaginary friend? Does that mean they were mentally ill? I never had one; never occurred to me to make one up just as it never occurred to me to pretend to see faeries or suchwhat. However maybe we, as a society, need to take a break from this compulsion we have to diagnose every child as having a mental illness just because they either do something we claim is 'normal' or who doesn't buckle down and follow the status quo.

However kids will naturally take it to the maximum level if the parents cater too much to it. So maybe if a parent is that concerned then all they need to do is simply not react to the imaginary friend thing and it will quickly stop. I think that there is nothing wrong with you. You just never felt the need for personal comfort from an imaginary friend. As a child I was able to conjure up imaginary friends as and when needed. Cowboys and indians, soldiers, for whatever game I was playing.

Exclusive Research

I saw them but I knew they weren't real. They could be fairly temporary. I also saw a differnet kind of people, totally black people. I don't mean like black Africans, but black shapes people, one hundred per cent black. These frightened me, and I did not conjure them up myself. When I told my mum i hate the black people she told me off thinking I meant ordinary black people. I thought this was a delusion, and am still of that opinion more or less, but was chilled to the bone when on the internet I came across others who had had experience with "shadow people".

The people I saw actually spoke to me, and called themselves that very name, shadow people. At age 13 I became completely obsessed with a sci fi series called Blake's 7. I went into voluntary insanity to live it out.

I could see them, and I could hover and move in and out of thier heads and become them in turn if I wanted. The story is told on the blakes7obsession website. How about imaginary friends among adults? Do you have any articles regarding that? Because I'd love to know the reasons why I still have an imaginary friend although I am now a 20 years old, chemical engineering scholar.

I don't find anything wrong with it though. Just thought that having a few knowledge about it would be interesting.

If you really still have an imaginary friend at that age, you will probably find answers in what is called the tulpa phenomenon. Some sources to this can be found either on reddit. My mother was an emotionally cold woman, I had an imaginary friend called Belinda, she used to tell me I was beautiful, whereas my mother constantly told me I was ugly and stupid.

Belinda stayed with me throughout high school, where I was bullied. My reactions to this horrible bullying was to think "What would Belinda do? I am amazed at the fantasy world he has created for them.

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But even more at his ability to keep track of each of them and all the details about them. What they look like, favorite colors, foods, powers. I think they showed up when he was about 3 and he's almost 6 now. I came looking on the internet this morning because he came to be crying a couple of hours ago that his pets all disappeared without telling him they were going anywhere. Apparently they never do that. He cried in my arms for 15 minutes about them and Suggie His twin sister being gone.

Thankfully a little while later he figured out where they were and how to rescue them. The only problem was he spent the next 90 minutes or more doing just that and tending all their injuries. Nothing I told him could convince him that sleep was more important than getting them off of Mystery Island which was sucking their powers out and making them all sick. And I wondered with all this sickness and injury if he was preparing to let them go soon.

While he was crying I was heartbroken for him and then I realized that I was having a hard time not crying at the thought that they might never come back. I have grown way too attached to them, but even more so to Suggie.

The Truth About Imaginary Friends

It didn't help that last night when I was walking past the little girls clothes, I saw a cute outfit and found myself thinking "Suggie would love that. I have a fondness for all of them Maybe because very early in my pregnancy with him he had a twin and when she showed up I couldn't help wondering Besides he describes her so vividly to spite the fact that she is camouflaged all the time so no one else can see her. I love to hear about her and all his pets exploits.

Most of the time. He makes them seem so real laughing at them and talking to them just like they were right there and he was watching their every move. Earlier in the week he looked up at the wall of the restaurant as we were saying goodbye to friends we'd met for dinner and he said "Really Suggie? Suction cup shoes? We decided to show them to her so she would know what styles he though she would like for when she made more clothes. His pets all have powers and weapons so they can rescue people. They also have petmobiles that they can drive or fly around in. Suggie has a Suggiemobile and she has a transforming backpack that can transform into anything.

She uses it to make all her own meals using special pellets that she mixes with water to make whatever she wants. They have portals where they can go anywhere they want to "just like that. I get confused about that one. He lived there with his great, great, great, great grandfather Calico Jack. At some point he was a wee swashbuckler. He misses those days. I think his pets are helping him search for Calico Jacks lost treasure.

Which might be buried in our yard.

700 Children's Blog

I keep a journal for him and I've written many of the stories about his pets, sister and Calico Jack in it. The best ones anyway since it would be the size of a bible if I tried to write down every story. I will be shocked if he doesn't become a writer of some sort when he grows up. Even if he is never published.

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As far as I know I never had any imaginary friends. But I have always had a good imagination and a lot of empathy. I can imagine places and characters in my head when I write poetry stories. Their emotions even more than their features. I can also channel for lack of a better word for it other people's emotions.

Which may be why I empathize with my son's worry over his imaginary sister and pets too well. Although you can't yet convince him that they are imaginary. Or at least he won't admit it. Another reason I came searching was because up until tonight it hadn't occurred to me that something traumatic might rip them away from him.

Hello, my (imaginary) friend

I just assumed that over the months or years they could show up less and less frequently until they faded away. I don't want him to have any bad memories associated with any of them and he has already suffered enough loss in his young life. I'd rather him keep them around his whole life as characters in stories then to have them lost in some dark place they can't escape from forever.

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I pray that if they do go that they go quietly into that goodnight. I'm an only child who had an imaginary friend when I was 3 almost to age 4. We had already moved a few times when I was this age due to extreme poverty , and my mom says my friend appeared when I was removed from daycare.